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Resolve to Be Clutter Free in the New Year!

If you’re like most people, you’re busy making too much trash(or already breaking) your New Year’s resolutions. If your resolution for this year is to live clutter free, then I have some tips for you! It can be overwhelming to even think about clearing out the clutter but you really can do it; you just need a plan to help guide the way. If you can coerce a spouse or good friend into helping, then even better! Thankfully my boys are at the age where they still want to be helpful so if you’ve got some willing hands at home, then enlist them too!

  1. Don’t try to do it all at once. This is especially important if it’s been a long time since you’ve de-cluttered or are Cleaning Girlbordering on being a hoarder. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you try to tackle several rooms at once. Pick one room or even part of a room, and get to work. Start small and once you see changes, you’ll be inspired to keep going.
  2. Remove everything from the room. If you can’t remove large pieces, pull them away from the wall to clean behind them. Remove all small pieces like art, photos, throw rugs, and accent furniture.
  3. Clean, clean, clean. Once the room is cleared out, clean it top to bottom. Use a clean dust mop on ceilings, walls, trim, and floors. Use a soft clean cloth on light fixtures, light switch covers and outlets and vacuum window treatments. While the room is empty, touch up paint or even repaint the whole room (remove all outlet and light switch covers).
  4. Sort your stuff into piles – keep, sell, donate and toss. baby sortingBe realistic, if it’s in bad condition, outdated, or you never use it, let it go. The only things in your keep pile should be things you cannot live without. Ask a very honest friend to help you make the tough decisions (you know, the one who will tell you when something is ugly – and trust her opinion!). If you like to dabble in Craig’s List, then make a sell pile (items from brands like Pottery Barn or Gap sell better than Wal-Mart). The rest should go into the donate or trash pile. Try The Bagster if things have really gotten out of control! It’s a portable dumpster bin that you fill up and Waste Management comes to take it away. It’s available at The Home Depot in my area.
  5. Start bringing things back into your space. While it may not be possible to only bring back things that you love, do your best. Bring back large pieces, small furnishings and accessories. Put your accessories in different places to make them feel new. When you’re all finished, remove at least one thing from each quadrant of the room – there is such a thing as too many accessories!

With a little bit of elbow grease, you really can have a room that feels new. Stuck? That’s okay – I can help! Give me a call today to schedule your in-home de-cluttering consultation and start living clutter free in this year!

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