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Have you ever stood in your living room wishing you knew what to do with your sofa, chairs, tables and accessories? Have you re-arranged your bedroom many times but still aren’t happy with the way it looks or functions? Does your little one need to graduate from a nursery to a big boy or girl room but you’re not sure what to toss and what to keep? Are you hosting a holiday family dinner or gathering this year and dreading having your whole family in your cramped and dated living room?

Do not despair – I can help! With my One Day Makeover, having the rooms you love has never been easier. In just one day (or less), I will take your room from drab to fab, giving you the room you always wanted. Download my new One Day Makeover brochure for beautiful pictures of some of my one day makeovers.

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Spring Mini-Makeover #1: Chair Redo – the final chapter

Chair redo

So, it’s finally done. I wasn’t able to find the edging that I wanted so I used a brown woven ribbon that came off of a Tag blanket that’s been down in my basement since last year. Now for my full disclosure – I did spend more than $4. I know, I tried to keep it at $4 because I said that I would – BUT – in my defense, I had to get an electric stapler to save my poor elbows (I had elbow surgery last November). Add $24.99 after coupon. That said, I’m probably going to take it back because for every staple that actually made it into the chair, I had 20 more smoosh against the wood without so much as a nick (see Before picture on my previous post).

Oh, I also ran out of red ink in my Sharpie marker so I had to buy a pack of 3 to get the red.  Another $3.09.  And, I will end up buying the red ribbon to frame the fabric when I find it so that might tick up the price to about $15. I still say “not bad.”

“Sharpie marker?” you ask? “What did she use a Sharpie marker for?” Well, the burlap I bought was plain old brown and I wanted something a little bit more special. So, to mimic the look of an old grain cloth (which I am completely obsessed with!), I taped off the lines on the fabric and colored them in with a Sharpie marker. When I first did this, my son had a friend over. They came into the kitchen to see what I was doing and they both freaked out that I was coloring on my chair (as if my mom might send me to my room!). I started to run out of ink on the skinnier line on the bottom but then decided I liked that it was a little bit “faded”.  Unfortunately I couldn’t replicate the faded look on the back piece with my brand new marker.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my little chair. It was a fun, quick, cheap project. I learned one thing – I did not miss my calling as a re-upholsterer (is that a word?).

Now, where to put it?

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